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connections to & through technology
collaborative communication, organization & development

organizations' & foundations' sites
GNU Project / Free Software Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Open Source Initiative
Center for Democracy and Technology
Internet Software Consortium
papers & articles
Economy of Ideas, by John Perry Barlow
The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric S. Raymond
The Art of Unix Programming, by Eric S. Raymond
Why Software Should Not Have Owners, by Richard Stallman
What is copyleft?   (GNU / FSF)
Against User Interface Copyright   (LPF's UI Copyright)
Against Software Patents   (LPF's Software Patents)
technologies, environments, communities
standards bodies
World Wide Web Consortium  W3C
Internet Engineering Task Force  IETF
International Standards Organization  ISO
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  IEEE
European Computer Manufacturers Association  ECMA
American National Standards Institute  ANSI

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